Creative Movement Dance Classes at your Daycare!

Classes are only $40 per month!

* A 30-minute creative movement dance class for boys and girls ages 2-5 meets once per week at your daycare. No extra driving for you, the parent!

* Focuses on gross motor skills including balance, coordination, rhythm, and much more!

* Great way to get your kid moving!

* Taught by a friendly, qualified, adult dance instructor

* Only a $15 Registration Fee!

* Classes run September through May

* No special clothes or shoes required

* We ask that students are potty trained

* Different payment options available!


Please read the following:

* Upon online registration, you have two options for tuition payments. You may choose from the following two options:
     1. Monthly Automatic Bank Draft
     2. Pay the Year in Full (DISCOUNTS APPLY!)
Note: For more information regarding these payment plans, please see our Policies Handbook.

* Below is a link to register online through our Danceworks software. Please be aware that that while the Registration Fee Policy, AND the Costume & Recital Policy DO NOT APPLY, you must sign at the bottom in order to proceed with online registration. We are sorry for this inconvenience. All other policies, however, DO APPLY.

* You will be asked for a credit card number in order to register online. This allows you to reserve your spot in class. Your credit card will be kept on file, but will NOT be allowed as a method of paying monthly tuition. However, we do ask that, if possible, your credit card number be linked to a different account from your automatic draft account in case of insufficient funds. If you are registering and want to pay the year in full, your card will be charged for the full year’s tuition upon registration.

* After registration, you will receive a confirmation email & contract, which must be signed & returned before classes begin in September. If you choose the Automatic Monthly Draft plan, you will receive paperwork to fill out.

(Daycare classes are only offered at Childtime Learning Center & Wake Forest Kids R Kids. If your child attends a daycare in which you would like for them to offer classes, please speak with your director & have him/her give us a call!)